“Genetic code of a person”


Orenia Yanai

The theme of the book by Oren Yanai, a psychologist who has won her wide recognition in the world as a specialist in the sphere of determining the true vocation of a person, is to interest everybody without exaggeration. After all, the issue of finding one‘s mission in life is relevant to each person, and one who was able to find the answer, is really happy.

This book describes the complex and fascinating journeys through life undertook by absolutely dissimilar people – of different ages, social status and occupation, whom Orenia helps to open up and find their true path. She meticulously researches the genetic professional code of her conversation partner and helps him build the road to the future piece by piece.

Undoubtedly, the book will interest the owners of family businesses as well. In Ukraine, the issue of the family business is more than relevant.

Today, companies that have both feet on the floor are more than fifteen years. This is exactly the period when the owners start thinking about the generational shift – how to engage their heirs in the management of business that they created. One of the most difficult moments in this process is the transition. This is a kind of a crisis for the business; after all, it goes about the change in headship.