“Preparation of a successor to the family business management”


Craig Aronoff, John Ward

The fact that the issue of training of future managers is critical for the long-term success of the company is seemingly obvious to everybody. But, as practice shows, it is far from being a priority for the majority of family businesses owners. And in the end, it turns out that the company is not ready to overcome both the current problems and all the more so future challenges. The program of the successors training offered in this book will help a family company to maximize the potential realization of its leaders’ next generation. It presents the main stages in the process of the future  head of the company formation; it describes the key points that must be provided in terms of his personal development, and the role of outside experts in his coaching. Also, the book analyzes the problems, which current leaders and their heirs often face at different stages of this process.

The book will be of interest to owners and managers of family companies, students of management disciplines, all those who are interested in the issues of the family firm management.