26th International FBN Summit in Montreux: Ukraine has a lot to be proud of


Presentation of the Ukrainian delegation was one of the highlights at the event

The summit of the international association of family businesses was held from 14 to 17 October on the shores of Lake Geneva, in the Montreux Music and Convention Centre where the famous jazz festivals have been held for almost 50 years. “The spirit of a family business: we find solutions,overcome the difficulties, inspire” – that was the topic of the summit announced by the organizers.

The Ukrainian delegation included 11 members of FBN-Ukraine. The main presentation on behalf of the Ukrainian Association of the owners of family business was made by a co-owner and co-founder of Shabo company Giorgiy Iukuridze. The first and the only in Ukraine “Center of Shabo Wine Culture” is the example of a completely new and non-standard for our country approach to business and social responsibility. In 2011, the activity of the center was noted by the international community. On recommendation of the Council of Europe “Center of Shabo Wine Culture” was acknowledged as the cultural heritage of Europe, and was also included in the European card of wine museums. This is the first case of the like in Ukraine. In July last year, the Shabo Company became the host of the anniversary Odessa event. Having attended that event the president of FBN International Alexis du Roy personally invited the founders and owners of the company, the family Iukuridze, to participate in the international events.

The speech of Giorgiy Iukuridze was one of the best at the summit in Montreux.


– A new Ukrainian mark appeared on the world map of winemaking. The international participants of the summit were not informed enough that Bessarabiya is a haven for wine-making. And Giorgiy told about that clearly and with passion. He took part in the summit for the first time and was surprised at how deeply the world worked out the theme of the family business. I am pleased that we gained a good member, and Ukraine acquired a remarkable ambassador. I want to say that in addition to winemaking, the pride of Ukraine is its NextGens that, despite the risks in our country and their opportunities to live and work in Europe, have chosen their parents’ family business and are ready to drag it in one harness with us, in order to fully take on their own shoulders then – the FBN-Ukraine president Vladislav Burda says.

Vivid impressions, new acquaintances and plans, interesting speakers, music and even the performance of the Swiss family circus – all three days of the event went too quickly. Next FBN International Summit will be held in November 2016 in China. This is another chance for the family companies to declare about Ukraine, so that the world would find out about our country as one with good potential, which is worth investing.

– Ukraine can be proud of a lot of things, and we have lots to be presented, – Vladislav Burda assured.