GST Group joins the UN treaty and doubles the number of customers


The Andreal Company (TM Security Seals GST is included in the GST Group owned by the Kazavchinskiy family) decided to join the Global Treaty, which is designed to help organizations to rethink their strategies and specific activities


The Global Treaty (in force since 2000) spells out the basic principles of corporate social responsibility, which are to be guided by companies’ executives in their operations in the field of human rights, labor, environmental and anticorruption efforts. He was joined by More than three thousand companies from different regions of the world representing different sectors of the economy have already joined the Treaty. In the framework of the Treaty, they also create the conditions for cooperation of private business with the United Nations’ agencies and international organizations for protection of labor. At that, the Treaty is not a regulatory instrument, and has no control over the policy and management practices.

In its mission, the GST Company, even before the signing of the Global Treaty, proclaimed itself a guarantor of fair relations. GST adheres to the principles proclaimed. The crisis situation in the country didn’t actually affect the dynamics of the company’s growth: the sales were up by 60 percent in 2015, the number of customers doubled.