Ivano-Frankivsk 2018: family business and the mountains of Galicia


The 28th event of family business owners of Ukraine gathered 32 participants. For the first time the event consisted of two parts – an educational one in Ivano-Frankivsk and a “snow and entertaining” part in Bukovel. Getting acquainted with the family companies, the emblematic people of the city and representatives of local authorities, the participants of the event revealed the genetic code of Ivano-Frankivsk. The greatness of the mountains and the beauty of the Carpathian landscapes added to the uniqueness of that meeting.

The hotel “Nadiya” that hosted the participants, according to the International Hospitality Awards 2017, entered the top five of the three-star business hotels in Europe. A close-knit family of Boykos owns the hotel. The family members willingly showed us their enterprise and told about the development of business. For the first time in the history of FBN-Ukraine meetings, all participants of the event gathered at one common table.

A special guest – Yuriy Andrukhovich, one of the most translated into many languages Ukrainian writer and philosopher, continued the evening. In addition to the inspirational conversation, everyone was given a new book by Andrukhovich “Kochanzi Yustitsii” with the autograph of the author.

The next morning began with the traditional speech of the President of FBN-Ukraine Vladislav Burda. This time, his presentation was devoted to Timeline for the founders of family companies. Vladislav showed how the age of a key owner, the age of the heirs and the “job seniority” of the key owner in business could affect the decisions on deadlines of the business transfer to the next generation.

The leader of our NextGen, Alexander Mikhailenko, made the presentation of the new communication platform Owner Space for the members of FBN-Ukraine. All participants successfully downloaded the application to their phones and joined the new network to share knowledge, contacts, social and commercial initiatives.

The presentation of the city’s mayor Ruslan Marcinkiv was called “Ivano-Frankivsk sets back its shoulders. Irregular development.“ The participants of the event got acquainted with the strategy of the city development and learned why in recent years the active growth of family businesses has begun here.

Vitaly Didiychuk, the director of the family company Covert Ukraine, which occupies 90% of the envelope printing market, told us about the features of partnership with the family business of a large German corporation.

After lunch, the participants of the event went to the authorial excursion around Ivano-Frankivsk with Taras Prohasko – a poet, writer and a great expert of Galicia. The members of FBN-Ukraine saw the iconic places of the city and heard the unique stories about them. The culmination of the tour was Fortetsya – a construction that appeared on the site of a former fortress restoring the historical look of the city’s defensive wall.

In the favorite place of active citizens, the social restaurant Urban Space, Yuriy Filyuk (the creator of the “Teple Misto” project) told us about the foundation of a creative urban cluster based on the PROMPRILAD factory. After Yuriy’s speech, the local entrepreneurs shared their views on the development of social urban projects.

The couple of Vitaliy Kachkan and Irina Fischuk waited for us in the “Family Restoration of the Mularovs.” Through the efforts of this family, the restaurant has turned into a museum of everyday life and culinary art of Galicia of the past centuries. After the tour of the museum and restaurant, the participants had dinner with the tasting of liquors, trembita and lively dances.

For the first time, FBN-Ukraine offered the participants a ski retreat in Bukovel. After active skiing and snowboarding, the evening ended at a vatra – a traditional Huzul rite at the fire with boisterous round dances.