The fifth issue of the magazine “Family Business” came out


Do not miss an overview of the key factors that bring success to the “hidden champions,” and the story about six Ukrainian companies that ideally meet this definition.
The members of the Ovchinnikov family became the central figures of the issue. The brothers Dmitry and Pavel, having received their first entrepreneurial experience in the business of their parents, built the company KIDDISVIT, which not only brings to the country and adapts the newest modern toys, but also led the struggle for a civilized toy market for Ukrainian children.

In addition, you’ll find in this issue:

– reflections of the company “Barkom’s” members of the board at the recent Forum of corporate directors;
– the story of Tanya Zikratova and Anya Zadorozhnaya about getting higher education in the Netherlands;
– an overview of the foreign press with the data of 25 business schools, where the programs thought specifically for the co-owners of family companies appeared;
– an overview of the leading German family companies, including Henkel, C & A, Porsche/Volkswagen, Metro, Siemens and others;
– a large article devoted to IKEA and its creator Ingvard Kamprad who recently deceased, and reflections on whether the three sons of the founder will be able to dispose of the inheritance adequately;
– the fourth article of the child family psychologist Svetlana Roiz on the relationship between parents and children in the families of e