Elio and the others: reading the 6th issue of “Family Business”


Dear friends, we are happy to share the sixth issue of our magazine “Family Business!” You can look through it and read the most interesting for you.

The central figures of the cover are the men from the Korostylev family. The brothers Oleg and Vladimir gradually became accustomed at the father’s factory (the rest must be read inside!). It was very interesting to prepare a publication about the family of Petr and Elena Pilipyuk from Lutsk – their company Modern-Expo has broken into the leaders of the Eastern European market of retail equipment right in front of your eyes. Certainly, there is a large photo report from the Ivano-Frankivsk event and glossary in the issue. Besides, we have the reflections of Vladislav Chechetkin and Olga Gutsal, the story of the Dupont family’s withdrawal from the business, the translation of the chapter from the English book about the “proper” family company, the stories of Alexey Botvinov and Alexander Tarchenko, the cases of German family companies, and photos of the trip to the Silicon Valley. It seems that we have provided you with the reading for the summer!