Odessa 2018: modern and traditions in family businesses and around us


The 29th event of the Ukrainian family companies owners gathered 80 participants representing several generations of 30 business families. This time the traditional program of the summer meeting was supplemented by the sport event – the sailing regatta. The already familiar for Odessa program for the youngest heirs of family companies, JuniorGen, became another feature of our meeting. The children’s program entitled “Music and the Sea” was twined into the canvas of the adult one.  The opportunity to visit several vibrant concerts of the international festival Odessa Classics was the special highlight of the event, surely. The rapidly growing company Global Security Technologies owned by the Kazavchinsky family hosted the event.

The event began with the presentation of the restaurant Frebule, which became a part of the renewed 4City project. The family of restaurateurs Oleg and Viktoria Gladchenko talked about how they had decided to refresh the restaurant model and how they saw the restart of the entire social project.

In the format of two circles of trust, the Seniors and NextGens shared their news and successes, told about the important things for everyone.

The presentation of the FBN Ukraine president Vladislav Burda was devoted to the corporate culture of a company. On specific examples and recent research in this field, Vladislav suggested considering the characteristic features of the world and Ukrainian corporate business culture. The theme of corporate culture in the family business and its differences from that in other business structures turned out to be relevant for many owners.

Alexey Botvinov, the president of the International Festival Odessa Classics, told about this most ambitious Ukrainian feast of classic music. The festival is held for the fourth time and lasts 10 days now.

The meeting with the son of the legendary film director Andrey Tarkovsky became a pleasant surprise for many participants. For Seniors, it was a milestone, as many of them grew up on the great film director’s legacy. For NextGens, Andrey Tarkovsky Jr.’s speech about family history, traditions, his father’s heritage and the son’s mission might have been the key to a new understanding of the attitude toward the heritage of parents.

The second more detailed presentation of the Owner Space program carried out by Alexander Mikhaylenko helped us better grasp the functioning and settings of a special mobile application created for the convenience of communication between the FBN Ukraine members.

The presentation of Yuriy Romanenko, the co-founder of the Institute of the Future, was entitled “Horror and hope – the future that has already come.” The expert’s forecast for 2019-2020 was not very encouraging, but during the discussion of possible scenarios of the country’s development, it became clear that the majority of the event participants were optimistic.

In the framework of the family cases presentation, Marina Yevtushenko (Familia Dental Clinic) told about why she had preferred the participation in the family business to the dance career, and Alexey Kovalenko (Openmind) – about why he had decided to give up his shares in the beer business and concentrate on producing healthy chicken meat.

The author and owner of the Urban Music Hall Artur Goykhman introduced the guests to the history of the creation, mission and innovations of the new chamber concert hall in Odessa.

After dinner in the summer garden of the House of Scientists, the participants gathered on the Potemkin Stairs where that evening a concert with video installations of the Open Air Odessa Classics was carried out. On stage, there were Zahar Bron and Michael Guttman, the pianist Alexei Botvinov, the cellist Jing Zhao and Berlin Chamber Orchestra. In addition, Roman Fedyurko, the winner of the children’s contest of young pianists named in honor of Seraphima Mogilevskaya took part in the concert.

On Saturday the participants of the event visited the vibrant IT company Readdle. One of the four founders of the company, Alexander Tyagulsky, acquainted participants with the history of the company and the products it provides. The company produces the applications that are included in the AppStore top-list all over the world: mail for business people Spark, a tool for work with documents PDF Expert, the document flow for business Fluix and the others.

The company Global Security Technologies manufacturing security seals was the host of the event. The Kazavchinsky family accepted the event participants in a new spacious office. Their company sells the security seals already in 63 countries of the world. In addition to business, the family of Kazavchinsky actively participates in the life of their native Odessa city: it sponsors the opening of city monuments and initiates systematically new social projects.

The socializing went on in confidential atmosphere by the sea – in the Manta Beach Club.

In the evening, the participants of the event visited the multimedia project of Andrey Tarkovsky, Jr. “Nostalgia for Eternity,” which was held within the framework of Odessa Classics. The music composed by Bach, Pyart, Messian and Valentin Silvestrov was featured at the evening.

After dinner, the participants attended the first performance of the film, where our children became the actors and partly the authors. The movie was done during those few days of the event and is devoted (certainly) to love. JuniorGens received their portion of applause.

The Sunday sailing regatta became a striking conclusion of the event. 35 representatives of family businesses divided into 7 teams participated in the race. The general winners of the regatta were the families of Gakalo and Stepanov. On results of the regatta, all participants were awarded the commemorative medals.