How to avoid pitfalls by family business transfer


Dear owners, I would offer an example of one of the most successful Indian companies, the Tata Group, in order to gain insight into the intricacies of the family business transfer.

DNA of success: Boris, Vladislav and Dmitriy Burda


A look of three generations at a strategy of a worthy heir upbringing. The author of ItWorked Olga Makeyeva talked to each of the characters individually and tried to track how the objective laws of the generations’ success programming are functioning since childhood.

How to keep a family business in a proper way


First children must gain their experience outside the company, but there is no point, however, in delaying the transfer of managerial rights to the heirs. You should work together at least 20% of the period of time, during which you have been heading the company.

Rules of Fatherhood


In an interview given to Father’s Club Vladislav Burda told about his father, a well-known erudite Boris Burda, about his principles of education and views towards family life.

26th International FBN Summit in Montreux: Ukraine has a lot to be proud of


The Ukrainian delegation included 11 members of FBN-Ukraine. The main presentation on behalf of the Ukrainian Association of the owners of family business was made by a co-owner and co-founder of Shabo company Giorgiy Iukuridze.