3_200х166«Семейный бизнес» №8: СЕО, которых мы выбираем и лица Барселоны


Осенний выпуск журнала «Семейный бизнес» предлагает внимательнее присмотреться к наемным СЕО в семейных компаниях и моделям передачи им управления от владельцев.



3_200х166Figaro takes the lead: read the 7th issue of “Family Business”


The main characters of the “Family Business” magazine (seventh issue) are the Kotolup family and their company Figaro-Catering, the market leader for “field” gastronomic impressions. The magazine found out how they had managed to achieve that.



3_200х166Viva, Spain: Family Companies of Barcelona Give New Development Patterns and Help to Avoid Mistakes


The 7th International Tour of FBN Ukraine (September 12-15) in Barcelona gathered 53 participants. It turned out to be ultimately rich in bright meetings with Spanish family companies, discussions about family behavior patterns by the change of generations and the difficulties in doing business that sometimes arise then.



3_200х166The project of Yaroslava Gres “Park of Corruption” was awarded the most prestigious European prize for designers – Red Dot Design Award


An interactive exposition dedicated to the problem of corruption and combating it was created by the Anti-Corruption Initiative of the EU in Ukraine.



3_200х166Our best!


Members of FBN Ukraine Andrey Stavnitser (TIS) took 10th place, and Olga Gutsal (Kamion-oil) – 25th in the rating of the best top managers of Ukraine according to the version of Delo.UA business portal.