3_200х16620th event of FBN-Ukraine in Kiev. The most interesting


The main themes of the Jubilee Event will become a family constitution, the development of business in tax reform and a new philosophy of Ukrainian



3_200х166Alexander Mikhailenko: “The most powerful conference of all that I have visited”


At the 26th Summit of FBN-International in Montreux, the Ukrainian delegation was represented by 11 members of FBN-Ukraine, and three of them were from the family Mikhailenko. The NextGen leader Alexander Mikhailenko shared his feelings after the event.



26th International FBN Summit in Montreux: Ukraine has a lot to be proud of


The Ukrainian delegation included 11 members of FBN-Ukraine. The main presentation on behalf of the Ukrainian Association of the owners of family business was made by a co-owner and co-founder of Shabo company Giorgiy Iukuridze.



3_200х166Gutmann Bank Award: Congratulations to the winners!


Two Ukrainian family companies received awards in the competition for the title of the best companies in Central and Eastern Europe. The competition was held by Austrian Gutmann Bank, a partner of FBN-Ukraine. The organizers put this initiative forward by the end of the last year. Then, in November 2014, at the event in Kiev, a bank representative Anna Klier invited FBN Ukraine members to participate in the competition, along with other European family companies.



3_200х166Ivan Plachkov: creating fair wine


One of the speakers of the nineteenth meeting of the FBN-Ukraine in Odessa was vigorous ex-governor of Odessa region, Ivan Plachkov. He had been heading Kyivenergo for almost ten years, was a Minister of Energy in the cabinets of Yushchenko, Tymoshenko and Yekhanurov, but nevertheless he considers himself a power engineer only by profession. “My vocation is to be a winemaker!” – Plachkov says. And he adds: “I am a happy man, I have always been so.”