3_200х166Pavel Ovchinnikov: “Children are the most valuable investments”


The memorable event in Vienna. Everything was top-level. There are lots of inpressions. Apart from interesting communication, it was nice to get confirmation of the correctness as to the decisions, that I took somehow regarding my business and the disposal of business affairs.



3_200х166Irina Varagash became the laureate of the All-Ukrainian award “Person of the Year”


Irina Varagash, president of EKONIA Company, became the laureate of the 19th independent national program “Person of the Year” in the nomination “Leader of small and medium business”. “It was quite unexpectedly for me, to become one of three successful business leaders and join the cohort of participants of this prestigious award – the extraordinary individuals who are making a special contribution to creation of new Ukraine,” – Irina Varagash shared her experience.



3_200х166Vladislav Burda: “If you want your family business to survive, it has to change”


President of FBN -Ukraine -on the outcome of the third international FBN Ukraine tour, which was held on March 20-22in Vienna.



3_200х166Tatiana Zikratova: “The trip gave our family the ground for reflection”


The memorable event in Vienna. Our family is looking forward to each Event with a certain passion. Where and how will the next meeting take place? What lecturers will be speaking this time? And, of course, having learned that we will have a trip to Vienna – a city of waltzes, arts and galleries – we were very happy.



3_200х166Andrey Stavnitser was called the “Person of the Year”


Director General of TIS Group took the first place in one of the most prestigious nominations of the National Maritime Rating of Ukraine. In this category the winner was determined by a group of 77 experts. Each of them had the opportunity to call in any order three names, highlighting the industry’s well-known people, who, in his opinion, were worthy of the title “Person of the Year” at the end of 2014.