3_200х166Alexander Tarchenko “In FBN, they appreciate the past and do not go away from the present”


The memorable event in Kiev. First of all, I was pleased to purchase a picture by Michael Deyak at auction. That was a kind of charity then and the aesthetic decoration of my living room now.



3_200х166«FBN NEWS» declared the best among the digital edition of Corporate Media


The awarding ceremony took place on December 11, 2014, in Kiev within the framework of the Business Forum “Innovations in communications. Trends 2015”.



3_200х166Dmitry Gutsal: “We were able not only to exchange views but also to rally”


Kiev Event: we share the experiences. Michelle Tereshchenko changed my perception of my country and our role in its history.



3_200х166Michael Khaykin: “We’ll certainly participate in the next meeting”


Kiev Event: we share the experiences. For me and my wife as the new FBN members, almost everything was interesting, namely how the Association is structured and works, who are its members – everything was new and informative.



3_200х166Natalia Eremeeva: “It seemed as if we were in Europe”


What did the November Event in Kiev stick in memory for? Just in the summer, I read the book “The First Mogul”. I was so impressed and inspired that I gave it to my husband and son. And who would have thought that when getting to that event I should meet the author – Michelle Tereshchenko. So I was able to become familiar with this complicated history and a great family. This impression is the brightest one.