3_200х166Vienna: to have a rest in a civilized way


Michael Weisberg explains why you should come to the former capital of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, even if you were there more than once



3_200х166Michelle Tereshchenko: “Striving for public benefit”


At the the Kiev event, the heir of the legendary Ukrainian dynasty of Tereshchenko shared some valuable information with us – about his family and about Ukraine, how it appears when looking at the country keenly and positively from outside. Michelle Tereshchenko is sure that the country has very good prospects. Michelle was born and



3_200х166The capital as a center of Ukrainian authenticity


On November 21-22, Kyiv hosted the seventeenth meeting of the owners of family businesses in Ukraine. Nearly 60 people gathered for the event in the capital, including many new members and the entrepreneurs, who came to the meeting as guests.



3_200х166Vyacheslav Klimov: “In a crisis, all need to do everything against the trend”


One of the guests of November tevent held in late November in Kiev, was the co-owner of Nova Poshta Vyacheslav Klimov. He told us about how his company managed to gain traction despite the crisis”.



3_200х166Alexander Tarchenko “In FBN, they appreciate the past and do not go away from the present”


The memorable event in Kiev. First of all, I was pleased to purchase a picture by Michael Deyak at auction. That was a kind of charity then and the aesthetic decoration of my living room now.