3_200х166Natalia Eremeeva: “It seemed as if we were in Europe”


What did the November Event in Kiev stick in memory for? Just in the summer, I read the book “The First Mogul”. I was so impressed and inspired that I gave it to my husband and son. And who would have thought that when getting to that event I should meet the author – Michelle Tereshchenko. So I was able to become familiar with this complicated history and a great family. This impression is the brightest one.



3_200х166Plan for tomorrow: how family business should survive in the crisis


One of my fellow students, Mumtaz Dabul, invited our international group of owners of family businesses to Syria in June 2010. In the framework of EMBA program we went around the world studying the experience of family companies.



3_200х166Vladislav Burda: Fathers and money


Talking about the benefits of a family business was awkward more recently in the country. Business, sprouting from the president’s family, can hardly be called an example to follow. But the changes of recent months make it possible to raise the issue of the importance of family businesses to the economy.