3_200х166Dutch fund Safedam bought 23.76% of shares of “Volodymyr-Volynskyi poultry plant”


The enterprise is owned by the members of FBN-Ukraine – group of companies OpenMind (Oleksii Kovalenko) and make the top three leaders of poultry production of Ukraine.



3_200х166Tel Aviv 2017: Old and new money on the Mediterranean coast


The 6th international tour of FBN-Ukraine in early October gathered in Tel Aviv 48 members of the Ukrainian Association of Family Business Owners



3_200х166The second issue of the “Family Business” magazine released


There are several essays on Ukrainian family companies, advice on hiring the CEO and the creation of the Family Council, the story of the FBN-Ukraine event in Warsaw and many other interesting things.



3_200х166Heading: Odessa 2017: strategy of growth and mutual training


New development strategies, new projects and programs, the presentation of a new NextGen Board and the other highlights of the 25th meeting of the family companies’ owners.



3_200х166Warsaw disputes: how to accelerate growth, maintain control and manage to transfer the business properly to the next generation?


The fifth international meeting of owners of family companies was held on March 23-25, 2017, in Warsaw, and gathered 45 participants. We worked in the beautiful suburban spa hotel NARVIL and came off for meetings with Polish family companies to the Polish capital.