3_200х166The first issue of “Family Business” magazine


The magazine “Family Business” is published by the FBN-Ukraine Association. The project is implemented thanks to the financial support of Ukrainian family companies RedHead Family Corporation, Dec Education, GOLAW.



3_200х166Oksana Seredyuk and Natalia Yeremeeva entered the “Top 100 Successful Women of Ukraine”


The members of FBN-Ukraine Oksana Seredyuk and Natalia Yeremeeva entered the rating of Ukrainian women who, according to the magazine “Novoye Vremya” (The New Times), achieved the impressive results in business.



3_200х166In TRC Mega Antoshka (RedHead Family Corporation), the 2nd tournament on Monopoly game was held.


A year ago, on the initiative of the President of the Association of FBN-Ukraine Vladislav Burda, there was the first game tournament, in which 14 players took part. This year 30 players got into a fight for valuable prizes from Antoshka and Hasbro Gaming.



3_200х166A member of FBN-Ukraine Irina Gakalo was awarded a “Women of the Third Millenium” national prize


On November 12, 2016, in Kiev, they held a “Women of the Third Millenium” awarding ceremony. This honorary prize distinguished the most exemplary, powerful and active women of Ukraine.



3_200х166Family Business Show: family strategies of the owner


On November 15, the company IdeasFirst held a closed club event for the owners of private Ukrainian companies – Family Business Show with Vladislav Burda. The event for the owners of Ukrainian companies was supported by FBN Ukraine and Fedoriv HUB.