3_200х166NextGen launch new projects


Alexander Mikhaylenko, the NextGen leader in FBN-Ukraine, a member of the NextGen International Committee, notes that NextGen members increasingly express their readiness to be integrated into the family business, what in turn changes the communications with parents.



3_200х166Vitolga 2016: family council, world trends, charity and the company’s creation based on the system of values


The 23th meeting of the family businesses owners gathered 58 members of FBN-Ukraine, including 13 representatives of NextGen on the picturesque high bank of the Dnieper near Kanev.



3_200х166Andrew Keith, “Myths and People”. A guide for succeeding parties


The recognized consultant on family business issues Andrew Keith presented his book “Myths and people” and told how the heirs could escape the shadow of leaders.



3_200х166Odessa 2016: A Moveable Feast


The 22nd meeting of Ukrainian family companies’ owners gathered in Odessa more than 70 participants, including 15 representatives of the youngest generation.



3_200х166Yekaterina and Anastasia Ovchinnikova, “Our parents begin to involve us in the business”


That was the third event we visited. The first one – in Lviv – is retained in our memory because there were many incomprehensible things there. During the second one – in Kiev – we learned a lot. But only now everything has straightened out