3_200х166Odessa 2016: A Moveable Feast


The 22nd meeting of Ukrainian family companies’ owners gathered in Odessa more than 70 participants, including 15 representatives of the youngest generation.



3_200х166Yekaterina and Anastasia Ovchinnikova, “Our parents begin to involve us in the business”


That was the third event we visited. The first one – in Lviv – is retained in our memory because there were many incomprehensible things there. During the second one – in Kiev – we learned a lot. But only now everything has straightened out



3_200х166GST Group joins the UN treaty and doubles the number of customers


The Andreal Company (TM Security Seals GST is included in the GST Group owned by the Kazavchinskiy family) decided to join the Global Treaty, which is designed to help organizations to rethink their strategies and specific activities



3_200х166Andrey Zdesenko in the Forbes 2016 ranking


A member of FBN-Ukraine, the owner of the Biosphere Corporation with his fortuneof $76 million took the 57th place in the ranking.



3_200х166Felicitas von Peter: “We need to create a circle of like-minded”


Julia von Poshinger-Bray, the initiator of the days for social entrepreneurship at FBN international events, together with Felicitas von Peter, the founder and director of the Forum for active charity, carried out the workshop “Social capital and social responsibility” for the members participated in the fourth international round of FBN- Ukraine.