3_200х166For the second year in a row, Barkom enters the list of the best country’s agricultural enterprises


The Lviv agricultural company Barkom (TM “Rodynna kovbaska”) has received a prestigious award “Agrarian Elite of Ukraine 2016” in the nomination “Reliability and stability”.



3_200х166FBN-member Zhanna Kryuchkova was included into the rating of the world best graduates in 2016 Executive MBA


The candidacy of Zhanna Kryuchkova was submitted to the nomination by the Swiss business school IMD that she has graduated from recently. Zhanna was put in the top of the best students according to Poets and Quants edition.



3_200х166KIDDISVIT: α – generation of digital world


The Ovchinnikovs’ family company re-evaluated today’s children at the age of 0 to 10 years – a generation α with its particular world perception picture.



3_200х166DEC camp becomes an international project


The Tarchenkos’ family project DEC camp opens a new branch in Barcelona this year.



3_200х166Tatiana Burda: “Internal communication is more valuable than any speakers”


What has the 21th event in Berlin remembered for? The presentation of mathematicians’ family – Thomas Nietzsche and his son Maxim, who represented the program MATH 42, was absolutely stunning. I had a feeling that I touched the genius.