3_200х166Savva Libkin «After Berlin I have something to think about»


What has the 21th event in Berlin remembered for? First Vlad told me about FBN seven years ago. We both were younger. I did not realize then what it is. Or I did not want to realize…



3_200х166Berlin discoveries: 4C and strategies of work in international markets


The fourth international tour of FBN Ukraine gathered nearly 50 participants in Berlin. That was the first time when our foreign delegation was so numerous. And for the first time the meeting started directly at the day of arrival, on April 7, with a friendly evening dinner.



Olga Gutsal, Natalya Tarchenko and Oksana Seredyuk in the ratings of the most successful


Three women-participants of FBN Ukraine entered two rating lists. The ranking of the most successful business woman of Ukraine-2015 of Companion magazine includes Olga Gutsal and Natalya Tarchenko. Olga Gutsal also entered the top 100 successful women listed by New Time magazine – together with Oksana Seredyuk. Both ratings coincide, certainly, with the beginning of spring.



3_200х166Valentin Gvozdiy: “The meeting you are looking forward, and the results exceed expectations”


What is the 20th anniversary event in Kiev remembered for? The meeting left a fabulous impression. The event was very well planned – the content, locations, atmosphere, everything was at the highest level. The emphasis on Ukrainian themes has appeared especially important.



3_200х166Actio summed up the autumn business games


Igor Stepanov: “Traveling around the companies, we have gained confidence that our economy is going to manage the current difficulties. We met amazing people who determine the success of enterprises, the city, and the country. It is even more pleasant that our project brings real benefits to domestic business and, accordingly, the state as a whole”.