3_200х166KIDDISVIT: α – generation of digital world


The Ovchinnikovs’ family company re-evaluated today’s children at the age of 0 to 10 years – a generation α with its particular world perception picture.



3_200х166DEC camp becomes an international project


The Tarchenkos’ family project DEC camp opens a new branch in Barcelona this year.



3_200х166Tatiana Burda: “Internal communication is more valuable than any speakers”


What has the 21th event in Berlin remembered for? The presentation of mathematicians’ family – Thomas Nietzsche and his son Maxim, who represented the program MATH 42, was absolutely stunning. I had a feeling that I touched the genius.



3_200х166Savva Libkin «After Berlin I have something to think about»


What has the 21th event in Berlin remembered for? First Vlad told me about FBN seven years ago. We both were younger. I did not realize then what it is. Or I did not want to realize…



3_200х166Berlin discoveries: 4C and strategies of work in international markets


The fourth international tour of FBN Ukraine gathered nearly 50 participants in Berlin. That was the first time when our foreign delegation was so numerous. And for the first time the meeting started directly at the day of arrival, on April 7, with a friendly evening dinner.