3_200х166Michael Kavitskiy: “Pleasantly surprised and grateful to the Association”


What is the 20th anniversary event in Kiev remembered for? Both meetings, which I was present at, were organized on a good cultural and intellectual level of ideas, what differs favorably the FBN-Ukraine from all the communities I know. I’m glad, surprised and grateful to the Association.



3_200х166Family Business Show: The owner’s roles and out-of-the-crisis cases


On November 11, the company IdeasFirst held a closed club event for the owners of private Ukrainian companies – Family Business Show with Vladislav Burda. The event for the owners of Ukrainian companies was supported by FBN-Ukraine and Fedoriv HUB.



3_200х166LIGA:ZAKON has launched a project for dialogue between business and government


Starting from February and for the whole year, they have been planned a series of public events with the participation of the authorities representatives, where the interim general and sectorial results of the legislation assessment are to be announced.



3_200х166Olga Taday: “I am glad that there is a community of involved people”


What is the 20th anniversary event in Kiev best remembered for? At this event, our family became a full member of the FBN Association. It’s pleasant that the issues of strategic business development, building of family relationships in the business, the younger generation introduction to the family business concern not only our family.



3_200х166Alexander Tarchenko: “DEC is an educational consultant. But not only…”


The educational agency DEC education was the host of the 20th anniversary event. At the event, the members of FBN-Ukraine Natalia and Alexander Tarchenko introduced the guests to the family members who are actively involved in their business development in Ukraine, Moldova and Barcelona, told about the history and the ambitious plans of the agency, drew the delegates in the debate about the future of education in Ukraine and the world.