(Bondarenko family) has launched an online insurance construction kit, which works in cooperation with (Olga Gutsal)


One of the leading news media resources provides website visitors with the opportunity to issue in a prompt manner a MTPL certificate of insurance online. chose as its technical partner that developed a user-friendly website construction kit with its quickly customizable and easy-to-integrate solutions. The site offers to compare, select and issue an automobile liability insurance choosing among 28 insurance companies in Ukraine and relying on user reviews and ratings from MTSBU. operates as not only an aggregator site and online service for motorists, but also as a SaaS platform. For, they deployed the insurance service where site visitors, going to the MTPL page, enter the parameters of their cars, calculate the estimated cost of insurance using the calculator, select the desired option and click ‘Buy.’

The next step is registration. A client can have a certificate issued online on his own by entering the data of the registration certificate and filling out the certificate. You can also use an operator assistance. Here is already acting as an operational partner of Call center operators help visitors with issuing an automobile liability insurance certificate., which started as a platform for online check-in at service stations, has become a convenient flexible engine for a variety of service marketplaces over 5 years of operation. Now a new or already existing business does not need to ‘reinvent the wheel’ but can immediately use a platform that works. The platform has a good interface; both visitors and members of the service team, including the company's marketer and accountant, can easily navigate there. Each team member has the ability to create landing pages. In the hands of the project team, there is the construction kit that has been already tested in a wide variety of industries - from automotive or insurance to  beauty or architectural and design branches. CRM and different monetization models allow you to expand the range of services for customers, as well as to monitor consumer behavior. The experience of the platform in European countries (the Netherlands, Germany, and Poland) was also taken into account.

The technical and operational solution from allows not only but also other businesses to provide their services quickly and conveniently, so that some of the work on customer service could be shared with the experts.