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This year, the magazine staff decided to abandon the ranking of participants according to the places from 1 to 100 and divided them into categories, which correspond to their field of activity: Strategists, Idols, Leaders, Helmswomen, Masters, and Businesswoman. Yaroslava Gres, the co-founder of Gres Todorchuk PR agency, a blogger, entered the category ‘Leaders.’

‘In four years, Gres Todorchuk PR agency has become one of the most prominent representatives of the industry. Yaroslava Gres assembled a team that knows how to surprise with inventions, and not only Ukrainians. In 2019, the agency added the prize of one of the most prestigious world awards, the Saber Awards, to the trophy box. The jury appreciated the performance ‘When Silence Spokes’ prepared with the help of the Kyiv Opera team for the public organization ‘Vіdchuy’ (‘Conceive’). The aim of the project is to draw attention to the problems of people with hearing impairments. Gres Todorchuk PR has received another certificate of international recognition entering the top 10 most effective, independent agencies in the world according to Effie - a prestigious award in the field of marketing communications.

The inventions of the agency team are associated not only with performances; they are often embodied in something quite tangible. This year, for example, the first interactive eco-path was launched in Goloseevskiy forest of Kyiv. While going along it, you can learn a lot about the forest’s flora and fauna. Gres Todorchuk PR hopes that biology teachers will use the eco-path to make pupils interested in this science.