Meet the 10th Anniversary Issue of the Magazine ‘Family Business!’


Read in the latest issue:

- the story of how the richest man in Poland divided the business among his son and daughter, in order to ensure that everyone maximized the realization of his and her abilities and aspirations;

- about the particularities of doing business, the principles and know-hows of the Slobodyan family, the farmers from Ivano-Frankivsk region;

- about the ‘generational crisis’ - on the example of one of the richest families in the USA - the Pritzkers family;

- about how independent boards of directors help owners develop their family businesses;

- a detailed report made at Kharkiv Event with the most vivid quotes of the speakers;

- the case of the company producing snacks and desserts - about how the heir of the dying family nuts store managed to turn it into a thriving online store;

- reports of representatives of the second generation of owners about victories and difficulties on the way leading to enter their parent business;

- the information of how the Lviv Business School appeared on the map of economic education in Ukraine;

- news and trends, glossary, family travels and legal advice.