The final of the annual competition for the best family business of the year Family Business Awards takes place on December 8


Ukrainian family companies continue to live and work in war conditions. And at this time, the goals, strategy, and tactics of family businesses are changing, - says Vladyslav Burda, the president of the Ukrainian Association of Family Business Owners, - therefore, we cannot help but celebrate the work of family companies in conditions that are ten times more difficult than usual. We also always emphasize the importance of the social aspect of a family business. Moreover, the protection of our country and assistance to the Armed Forces have become one of the most important KPIs for a family business in Ukraine. There are many different ways we can celebrate this. We don't want to miss any of them. We should note everything. Record everything. The history of family business in Ukraine is being written right now.’

Applications are accepted until October 23, 2023.