The 19th issue of the ‘Family Business’ magazine has been published


On the cover, there are the winners of the FamilyBusinessAwards 2020 competition - the Chernihiv company Collar, which exports its products to 70 countries of the world, and the story of how pet products brought the worldwide fame to the Ukrainian brand.

Inside the issue:

- in the ‘Consulting and Advice’ section, there are some articles on the most important rights of family business owners, the campaigns for voluntary declaration of assets and the experience of forming a competency model for a hired CEO.

- the tale devoted to the summer event of FBN Ukraine remembered for success stories, friendly communication and the special atmosphere of Bessarabia.

- the story of NextGen Dmitriy Gutsal, who initially became the head of the chain of jewelry stores ‘Abrikos,’ (Apricot) then the project and finally the main business unit of the family business - the Camion-Oil company.

- the quotes of the second-generation representatives who are actively working in their parents’ businesses - about how they were involved in family business, how they are motivated, rewarded and controlled.

- the photo stories from Spain made by the family of Mikhail Kapustyanskiy, the founder of the Atlanta holding, who explains why this particular country is suitable for recreation for both adults and children more than the other ones.

- the investigation into how generational conflict, poor integration of heirs into the family business and the lack of a common strategy led to the partition of one of the Germany’s oldest family businesses, Dr. August Oetker KG.

- the inspiring story about charity: why the owners of MAFIA, NAM and BAO restaurants Taras and Oksana Seredyuk handed out food on Maidans, brought lunches to the doctors in COVID units and cooperated with the ‘Tabletochki’ (Pills) and ‘Zhiznyelyub’ (Cheerful People) funds.