The 14th Issue of the ‘Family Business’ Magazine Has Seen the Light


The Consulting and Advice section provides the up-to-date materials on how mediation can help resolve difficult family and business situations during the crisis, and how the board of directors should respond to the challenges posed by the coronavirus epidemic. In the same section, Vladislav Burda, the Founder and President of the family company RedHeadFamily Corporation, answers the questions about the necessary rate of business growth required for the longevity of a family business. Further, there are some articles on creating family culture and improving relationships between two partners.

The founders of the private school ‘Athens’ - Oksana Balakshina and Alexey Grekov - talked how the courses for preschoolers became an innovative school and a sustainable family business.

NextGens Artem Ovchinnikov, Vadim Gakalo and Anatoliy Polyatskiy collated the knowledge gained during their studies and the real requirements of practical work in business. Continuing the theme - there are six stories of NextGens who have done virtually more for the family business than all previous generations.

At the end of the issue, you will find the Agnelli’s family story. They could have lost the business many times, but each time they managed to return it under their control and made the business even stronger.

Boris and Lika Tatievskiy, who have twice visited Japan and remained fascinated by the country, shared their impressions of the inspiring journeys.

Have fun reading, friends!