The 15th anniversary issue of the Family Business magazine has Been published


The announcement of the magazine from Vladislav Burda, the founder and president of the family company RedHead Family Corporation, the founder and president of FBN Ukraine.

What this issue is about:

- Family business on the cover: Epicurus Company. The unique business pattern from Alexey Kovalenko, who was able to market chicken without antibiotics through active personal involvement in sports and a healthy lifestyle of his entire family and employees.

- The Odessa family of Olenich tells about their new tasty project Aumi. Being an established logistics company, it has been able to change itself and pave the way to a niche segment in the food industry. There is also an interesting case of partnership development shown by brothers Konstantin and Alexander Olenich.

- The traditional summary of what is happening in the boards of directors of Ukrainian companies. How Boards helped family businesses survive the quarantine and lockdown. Breaking news.

- Two fundamental articles on partnership in family business – one from Svitlana Gutsman and the other - on minimizing losses in divorce - from our permanent legal partner Oksana Voynarovska.

- The most relevant article about recruitment of tops from FBN Ukraine member and HR expert Andrii Kryvokorytov. An excellent ready-made step-by-step manual - you can immediately use it in your work.

- Results of the August FBN Ukraine event. Visitation of the unique Ukrainian companies Barkom Corporation, Enzim, Kormotech LLC, and, surely, our host Edem Resort Medical & Spa. This year the number of events has halved, that is why all the participants greatly missed each other, the fact, that was well covered in the magazine report.

- Results of online training received by the heirs from FBN Ukraine at Columbia University (USA).

- Review of recommended business literature on family business and beyond.

- The history of the Hearst business empire, the founder of which managed to preserve it as a family business by means of his counterintuitive decision: he deprived his children of control over the business. A very exciting story. I immediately wanted to see a film about Hearst ‘Citizen Kane.’

- Ten facts about Monsters Corporation and its creator Katerina Nozhevnikova.

- An article from Olga Tadai-Romanchikova about how they make their Family Books.

Join the family business movement in Ukraine. Send your stories to editor-in-chief Mikhail Veisberg, and be sure to participate in the competition for the title of the best family company of the year in Ukraine! This year three statuettes produced by Mikhail Reva will be drawn in the nominations of small, medium and large family business!