1 december

XXVII winter event FBN-Ukraine

For the first time in the history of FBN-Ukraine, there will be not three, but four events for the year. The fourth meeting is planned to be one-day.

8-11 november

Registration for the Global Summit of FBN International continues

The 28th Global Summit of FBN International will be held in November 2017, on Gran Canaria, Spain.

3-4 october

Preparing for the 26th event of FBN-Ukraine in Tel Aviv, Israel

This is the second international meeting this year in the events program of the Ukrainian Association of Family Business Owners. After the Warsaw discoveries and the traditional summer meeting in Odessa, we gather in the Mediterranean.

Do not forget your swimwear!

14-16 July 2017

In July the 25th summer event of FBN-Ukraine takes place in Odessa

Every summer, the families-members of the FBN-Ukraine association traditionally meet in Odessa. The statistics for eight years of the Association’s existence show that it is the summer events, which gather the maximum number of participants – 80 – 100 people.

25 Мay 2017

Club meeting Family business show, Kyiv

On May 25, Vladislav Burda, the founder and president of FBN-Ukraine, the owner of RedHead Family Corporation, will discuss with the owners of private companies the issue of involved ownership – the owner’s desire and ability to contribute to the core capital, that is, to the company’s key capital.