6-7 December

31th anniversary event of FBN Ukraine

December event is an important meeting of the families before winter vacations.

10-13 October

Registration for the International Summit of FBN International is going on

The International FBN International Summit will be held in October 2018, in Venice, Italy.
A list of companies hosting the event has been published.

12-15 September

Registration for the 7th International Tour FBN Ukraine is open

The 30th anniversary event will be held in September in Barcelona, Spain.

1-4 March 2018

28th Event of the Association of Ukrainian Family Businesses Owners FBN-Ukraine

We are going to hold the first event of this year in Ivano-Frankivsk and Bukovel under the slogan “Learning, communicating and resting together!”

1 december

XXVII winter event FBN-Ukraine

For the first time in the history of FBN-Ukraine, there will be not three, but four events for the year. The fourth meeting is planned to be one-day.